Thursday, December 14, 2017

Post 2

      Ghost of dibble hollow blog post 2
One night I appeared in my old room.were a boy was sleeping in my bed . I guess he was shocked because he closed his eyes tightly and open them again. Only thing he could do stare me up and down starting at my high top boots and my striped stockings. . After a while of this I told him to get in the other bed. He asked me why that's what I told him that he was in my bed. He pulled back the mattress and saw my name carved in the headboard. After seeing this he move to the other bed. After moving to the other bed he cracked a joke about my outfit this made me a little mad but i quickly got over it and we became friends. I started talking to my new friend everyday when he was getting water at the well or when he was going to sleep at night. After couple days of this we became very close and it was hard knowing that he would have to leave. But before he left his family got the water fixed so he will not have to go to the well every day. This made more time for us to do more fun things. On the last night he lifted his mattress and carved his name below mine. One of the reasons he did this is so I can remember him until next time he comes.

                   -Dylan Henry

Post 3

Title:The Ghost of Dibble Hollow

In the book the ghost of dibble hollow a family heading to  to visit their summer house in dibble hollow. On there way to the summer house they stop the kids get out to look at a world war two memorial were the town people tell them that dibble hollow was a jinxed place and they won't live there for money.Later they invited mr.potter to dinner they were getting ready for dinner when they realized they will have to get there water from the well.after dinner they went to bed were pug discovered carvings of two other boys names on the headboard.He went back to sleep and when he opened his eyes again there was a boy standing over his bed.He asked the ghostly figure why he should sleep in the other bed in the room the ghost replied ‘because you are in my bed’.Later on in the story the pug and the ghostly figure become friends.while they were talking the ghost admits that  he was the one scaring all of the towns people away from dibble hollow.the next day pug went to the cellar and got a shovel then he dug beside the pipes in the basement. After digging for awhile he found something and decided to tell the pope about came to the house got out his plumbers tools and before they could get the pipes disconnected mr.potter ammeted that even he was scared about what they will find.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Post 1

  The ghost of  dibble hollow blog post 1
I can vaguely remember the summer vacation my family took years ago  in  the summer house that my mother owned. On the way my mom had to stop and get the keys. So I was getting out of the car to stretch my legs as soon as I open the door our dog ran across the street and started chasing a farmers chickens . After I got them all rounded up he came out and asked me where I was headed so I told him and he said that the vacation house was haunted. I ignored this until the first night when I noticed names carved into the headboards of the beds. After I discovered this a ghostly figure appeared and told me to move to the other bed. I asked him why that's when he stated that the bed I was laying in was his.After he said this we had a discussion and actually became friends. After the first night and he started appearing every morning when I had to go get water from the well.on one of the last nights i could not sleep so I lifted the pillow off the mattress and pull back the mattress. And there it's where I also carve my initials so I can be remembered in our vacation house. Looking back on this situation I guess the house was cursed but it wasn't so bad if I had to I would stay there again.

-Dylan Henry